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Bakugan Battle Brawlers

Broken Spell

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Just as the Brawlers return to Neathia, Fabia and Kazarina continue their battle. However, Lumagrowl begins disobeying Kazarina's orders and is determined to finish off Aranaut with or without her. . Nurzak confronts Kazarina and tries to convince her that Barodius is just using her but she refuses to listen, claiming that Barodius will make her his queen. She flees from the battle and is confronted by Gill, who kills her, thus freeing Lena, Zenet and Jesse from her control. Ren fills his ex-teammates on what has happened and Lena, Zenet and Jesse decide to join and fight for Neathia, changing back to their human forms. As Fabia, Mason and Nurzak make their way back to Neathia, the epic battle between the Brawlers and Phantom Dharak begins.

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