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Bakugan Battle Brawlers

Battle for the Second Shield

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Shun successfully sneaks past the Gundalian guards into the second shield generator, but is ambushed by Lena and Kazarina. A battle quickly ensues and Lena is taken out and berated by Kazarina. When she and Lumagrowl begin giving Shun too much trouble, Dan and Hawktor suddenly arrive to save the day! Dan and Shun switch back their bakugan and Shun heads to the generator while Dan holds off Kazarina. Shun reactivates the shield as Drago powers it up with the Element. Realizing what is happening, Airzel, Stoica and Kazarina quickly flee before being trapped within the shield. As the brawlers celebrate their victory, all is not well on Gundalia. Kazarina knows she will be punished by Baridous for the failure, so she plans to use Lena as her scapegoat. Lena, however, is fully aware of this thanks to Gill, and attempts to get Phosphos to assassinate Kazarina before it can happen. Unfortunately for her, Kazarina is well prepared Phosphos is taken out by Lumagrowl while Kazarina disposes of Lena. Kazarina successfully blames Lena for the failure and speaks to Gill about how Lena somehow knew of her plan, suggesting that she knew Gill had tipped her off. Gill remarks that not everyone can be trusted in these hard times...while Ren overhears their conversation and silently apologizes to Lena for her fate.

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