Veronica Mars

Heads You Lose

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Convinced the bomber is still at large, Veronica visits Chino to learn more about Clyde and Big Dick. Mayor Dobbins' request for help from the FBI brings an old flame to Neptune. Veronica confronts her mugger.

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S04E05 - Losing Streak

Episodes (8)

Season 4
S04E01 - Spring Break Forever
S04E02 - Chino and the Man
S04E03 - Keep Calm and Party On
S04E04 - Heads You Lose
S04E05 - Losing Streak
S04E06 - Entering a World of Pain
S04E07 - Gods of War
S04E08 - Years, Continents, Bloodshed

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No Haire Merica ! attention captain amerca, la relève est là !


"harlots" autre bonne série ..👍🙂