Veronica Mars

Keep Calm and Party On

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Veronica and Keith's client, Daniel Maloof, makes a shocking confession. Sheriff Langdon closes in on her top suspect. Veronica and Matty join forces, just as the whole investigation is flipped on its head.

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S04E04 - Heads You Lose

Episodes (8)

Season 4
S04E01 - Spring Break Forever
S04E02 - Chino and the Man
S04E03 - Keep Calm and Party On
S04E04 - Heads You Lose
S04E05 - Losing Streak
S04E06 - Entering a World of Pain
S04E07 - Gods of War
S04E08 - Years, Continents, Bloodshed


Très bon épisode, l'histoire prend forme et l'explosion à la fin montre bien que ce n'est pas fini.